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About General Information Write for Us Home and Garden Guest Post

Read this Write for Us Home and Garden Guest Post so that you get an idea of how to write a post.

All your waiting is over because our platform has created a guest blogging opportunity where writers can share their home décor and garden related knowledge with our wide range of users. Our home boosts our vibes, and making it more beautiful will satisfy us. Your article will aid them in making their home beautiful, so never hesitate to attempt. Read carefully our Write for Us Home and Garden Guest Post.

So, to make that happen, everyone has to follow certain guidelines to make the article even more informative and popular. Let us go into further details.

About our website edai.org in our Write for Us+Home and Garden post:

Even reused bottles are also coming under home decor, so we are not expecting only highly educated professionals to carry over this topic. The person who has developed more interest in home decor can also attempt a Write for Us Home and Garden. Our work falls under the category of

  • Website reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Education
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Gaming tips
  • Shopping Tips
  • Entrepreneur
  • Industry

Write for Us + Home and Garden Post Articles Guidelines 

  • Home and garden articles should have a word limit of 750 to 1500 words.
  • Home is where everyone feels peace; similarly, home and Garden should be the articles that have to radiate a sense of positivity and calmness while reading them. Thus, the Home and Garden Write for Us writers should ensure that happens.
  • The article has to be written in a highly coherent and concise manner. The flow of the contents should be perfect; don’t add some random parts here and there.
  • Writers have to pay more attention to the grammatical parts of the article; kindly don’t make any mistakes. Home and garden articles are global, so many native English speakers are also our audience, so kindly write the “Write for Us” + Home and Garden, according to them.
  • While suggesting any interior design or gardening products, don’t promote or advertise that particular brand.
  • The readability score of the article should be in the range of 70 to 80%.
  • Use many headings and subheadings to make the article appealing and presentable.
  • Home and Garden + “Write for Us” Writers can also use bullets and listing formats; they will make readers skim the content more easily.
  • As home and garden articles used to have more competition, we need to make them shine among the crowd by upholding SEO principles.
  • In your  Home and Garden “Write for Us” clearly specify as For example, suppose you have selected “homemade home décor ideas” as your topic. In that case, the targeted keywords will be easy home décor items, “DIY home décor items, cheap and effective home décor items,” etc. These are the target keywords, which can be found using keyword planners or explorer applications in your Home and Garden + Write for Us.
  • The keyword count will vary significantly depending on the length of the article. For a 1000-word article, 10 to 11 keywords are enough.
  • Backlinks are one of the methodologies to increase the article’s credibility; thus, add internal and external links without fail.

Benefits to the “Write for Us”+Home and Garden writers

  • The article will be double-protected in our forum because we have installed DMCA technology on our website so that no one can steal the writer’s work in our forum.
  • Our friendly team of professionals will take care of the doubts and queries of the writers, and they will make extra suggestions to the writers to improve their work.

How to submit your “Write for Us” + “Home and Garden” post?

[email protected] is the email address that you can use to share your post with us.


The most important criterion is that the interested person should be able to write unique and engaging articles on home and garden decor Our Write for Us Home and Garden Guest Post is creatively written so you can mention your comments.

In addition to that, we have been providing the latest and unbiased reviews on the website and products to make our customers highly aware and vigilant.

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