Write for Us Shopping Guest Post: Follow These Points to Create Engaging Marketing Contents!

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Clear all your queries related to shopping content with our detailed Write for Us Shopping Guest Post. Get an insight into creating engaging content

Is there anyone who does not like to shop? Well, no matter who you are or which gender you belong to, shopping is one thing that allures everyone the most. However, many tactics must be learned regarding shopping surrounding its tops and tricks. In this category, we will be speaking more about the favourite pastime of shopping, and thus, we are calling out expert writers.

As subject matter experts, vloggers and bloggers, you need to explore different dimensions in shopping which can keep the audience hooked to the screen. If you fit the description, please check our detailed elaboration on the Write for Us Shopping Guest Post in the coming sections.

Know More About Our Website

Our website is edai.org which is internationally acclaimed. We aim to reach as many people as possible with our content. It deals with various topics related to multiple genres, such as sports, technology, health, money, crypto, business and many more. These hard-hitting topics are balanced with much lighter and more engaging topics like shopping tips which our segment exclusively deals with.

For our Write for Us Shopping guest blog, we invite talents from different profiles like blogging, shopping enthusiasts and much more. The content must abide by the SEO guidelines to rank the article at the top of the internet search engines. Check out the criteria to know more.

What are the Criteria for Creating Excellent Shopping + Write for Us Articles?

If you want your content to rank at the top, a few criteria must be diligently followed. Here are a few to check out:

  • Create an engaging title that will instantly catch the likes of readers
  • Include information that is factual and not false
  • If you mention any data related to any place or address, recheck it twice to avoid discrepancies.
  • Write for Us + Shopping contents must contain a good distribution of primary, secondary and long-phrase keywords.
  • Proofreading and editing are the most critical aspects of article and blog crafting.

Reasons to Onboard as “Write for Us”+Shopping Guest Bloggers

Besides getting an opportunity to add a new curve to your career graph, joining us as writers have multiple advantages. Read a few below:

  • All Shopping Write for Us articles will be paid for during submission
  • Every writer will get a free CTA in the form of a small biography added at the end
  • Get the chance to network with multiple writers in the same genre
  • Do not forget to take advantage of writing for a global website and adding it to your portfolio
  • However, we will be the sole copyright owners of all the blogs and articles shared on our website. Hence, we recommend not sharing it anywhere else online to avoid rejection due to plagiarism.

Process of Joining Our Team for “Write for Us” + “Shopping”

The selection process is very easy. You do not need to brainstorm much or send multiple documents. Just submit a well-crafted “Write for Us” + Shopping sample through Email. The sample content must be sent to [email protected]

Once the content is well addressed and passes the quality check parameters, you will be notified regarding the selection. Finally, our team will share an approval mail informing you of joining for the further process.

Other Important Points to Take Care of When Drafting Write for Us+Shopping

Along with the criteria mentioned above, there are a few points to follow diligently in the content. These include:

  • No images which contain copyright must not be included
  • Maintain 98+ Grammarly score for all Shopping + “Write for Us”
  • The plagiarism score must be 0%
  • Try to use simpler words that are easy to read and understand
  • Internal and external links add value to the content
  • Section the blog into multiple subheadings, introduction and conclusion
  • Make sure to maintain uniformity in the font
  • All facts must mandatorily include source links

Final Conclusion

Have you read the entire Shopping “Write for Us” guidelines and process thoroughly? You must have understood everything about our website, work and process.

Add a new curve to your writing profession, join us as guest bloggers and showcase your talent globally. For any queries related to shopping content creation, please write to us in the comments below.

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