Write For Us Blockchain Guest Post: Check Out These Useful Tips For Writing A Popular Guest Post Article!

About general informatiol Write for Us Blockchain Guest Post

The article explains the criteria and essential guidelines for writers to follow when writing high-quality Write for Us Blockchain Guest Post articles. 

Were you the person who has acquired a wide range of experience in blockchain technology? Can you explain blockchain’s technical terms, applications, and workings most simply and interestingly to our Write for Us Blockchain Guest Post readers? Then we are grateful to provide you with the golden opportunity to exhibit your writing and knowledge skills. But we have curated some guidelines to be followed while presenting the article, and here they are in the next section of this article.

Greetings from our website “edai.org”

Our website is the most popular and authentic among our Blockchain + Write for Us readers because our highly professional team scrutinizes all our content for its genuine and precise nature. All of our published works will be completely trustworthy sources for our audience. In addition, we have also spread awareness of how to stay vigilant in this digital shopping world via our product and website reviews. Aside from that, we publish content on education, health, blockchain, crypto, legal, real estate, and other topics.

Write for Us Blockchain writers Needed Educational Background and Professional Experience

Blockchain has emerged as the most critical technology in this era, and it can recreate this technological world in a different dimension. But, like everything else, blockchain technology has advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it is highly responsible for our writers to explain things more realistically and practically in their “Write for Us” + Blockchain articles

Write for Us+ Blockchain Reference Topics

Blockchain comprises an ocean of topics, and it gets updated daily. Hence, it possesses lots of information beneath it, making it more difficult for writers to arrive at one absolute topic. That’s why we’re here to guide you by sharing some examples of the Write for Us+ Blockchain topics.

  • Practical and real-time utilities of blockchain technology, with examples in medicine, logistics, etc.
  • How do digital currencies function based on blockchain technology?
  • What is the darkest side of blockchain technology?
  • The future career scope of studying blockchain-related courses and graduate courses for youngsters
  • What are the distinct characteristics of blockchain technology?

Blockchain Write for Us articles Formatting and Editing Rules

  • The length of an article is determined solely by the depth of the subject, so writers should avoid dragging out articles for word count. Bringing up quality articles is paramount for our team. Thus, writers can choose this limit between 750 and 1500.
  • The article should be written in simple terms; kindly keep the “Write for Us” + “Blockchain article refrain from overflowing with too many technical terms. Otherwise, it will be challenging to understand from the readers’ point of view.
  • Writers must be cautious with punctuation, spelling, and grammar because we only process grammatically error-free articles.
  • No copy paste

“Write for Us” + Blockchain articles SEO guidelines

  • The article should contain the target keywords related to the chosen topic. But selecting the required number of keywords is also an essential part. Thus, for every 90 to 110 words, one keyword is enough.
  • Maintaining the spam value under 6% is important for achieving a perfect SEO score.
  • The linking of the necessary inbound and outbound links is also essential.

Blockchain + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • Our website would give the necessary credit to our writers either by publishing their names or by giving them a small byline. Hence, our global readers will know the writer’s worth and credentials.
  • We have been regularly updating our SEO optimization strategies and plans so that all our articles will get good Google search rankings.

Blockchain “Write for Us” articles Submission Rules

The finished articles have to be sent to our forum via this email address[[email protected]], and the format of the article should be in doc. or in Google Sheets. 

In addition to that, writers are requested to send their contact details without fail. 


Thus, we have separated all our essentials into different sections, and we hope that all the Write for Us Blockchain Guest Post writers will adhere to every point in their articles without fail. If they do, we guarantee their Blockchain guest post article will become prominent in this writing field. Kindly utilize this golden opportunity to prove your talents to us. 

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