Scp 150 Real Or Fake (Oct 2022) Reveal The Facts!

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Scp 150 Real Or Fake:  Let us decide together whether this parasite talked about is real or fake, not based upon what people say but based upon the facts we have gathered for you.

Is Scp 150 Real or Fake? What does this parasite do? Do not worry as We will answer all your queries in this article.

It is rather strange to know that one single parasite can be responsible for converting your human limbs to a parasite limb without you even realizing this drastic change in your body. 

Not many people know about it, but the ones who do want to know in detail. The parasite is not specific to countries like the PhilippinesUnited KingdomIndia, or United States.

So, read this article entirely not to miss any important point.

What is Scp 150?

Before answering to is Scp 150 Real or Fake, we would clarify what exactly is Scp 150. It is an obligate parasite that is similar to Cymothoa Exigua, a tongue-eating-louse. It creates a symbiotic relationship with the host, usually a human being, for its entire life. 

It makes drastic physiological changes and other dangerous effects in the host’s body in a short period. 

What Happens When It Bites A Human Body?

First, in 7 days, the parasite penetrates deeper into the human body, causing various physiological changes. The human catches cough, cold, and fever during this process. And the most shocking difference is the change of the limb, which is nearest to the bite area, into a chitinous appendage.

 This change is what makes people ask is Scp 150 Real or Fake.

It starts eating human flesh and releases anaesthetics that lead to the host non-responding to the changes in his body. 

And almost after two weeks, the parasite starts releasing eggs into the human’s bloodstream. Many of these eggs die, but the ones that survive further damage the body.

Over the period the parasite keeps on attacking the human, the human’s behavior changes substantially.

You can watch a YouTube video by Dr. Bob that explains this entire process using animation for better understanding. 

Is Scp 150 Real or Fake?

Nothing is clear right now. We do not know where this parasite came from or who are the people infected. With this lack of information, we cannot say if Scp 150 is real or fake. No government entity or health organization has made any statement regarding it or even mentioned it.

So, we are unable to state anything as official. 

People’s Feedback:

As mentioned earlier, only a few people know or have heard about this parasite. In the comment section of Dr. Bob’s video, people seem to make fun of it and think of it as entertaining, while some did ask if this parasite is real or not.

Final Verdict:

You must have found the answer to Is Scp 150 Real or Fake. This parasite is annoying, yet nothing is confirmed if it is a real parasite. Only a few resources on the Internet are talking about it to make people aware.

What do you say about Scp 150 parasite? Do you think it is real? Did you encounter anyone who has been in contact with this parasite? Comment down below and let us know your views.

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